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Hi, I’m Jenny Markus.

I am a lifelong New Yorker, parent and self-directed learning advocate with over fifteen years of industry experience in business, technology, and public education. 

I am cofounder of the Coney Island Clubhouse, a self-directed homeschooling learning center for families in south Brooklyn, NY.

I'm on a mission to liberate learning for young people worldwide; freeing them from conventional, one-size-fits-all schools that aren't working. By working with families directly, I help young learners create personalized education programs to suit their unique genius and purpose.

I live and work in Brooklyn, NY with my husband and our amazing little toddler, Fi.


My Values


Each of us is wholly unique. The only way to build a strong, resilient community is to respect the individuality and right of each and every single one of us to make our own choices. Given this trust and mutual respect, we free ourselves to do what is right for one another and our society.


In order to maintain a free, democratic, vibrant and healthy society, all of its members should have access to a high quality, affordable, and meaningful education. A centralized, institutional infrastructure that funds systems instead of learners, results in poor and inequitable educational choices.


Instead, equitable access is best achieved through free market endeavors, driven by motivated individuals to innovate, create and maintain high quality spaces for their communities.


Humans are born creative, curious and motivated to learn. Just observe any infant learning to walk, any toddler learning to talk, ask questions and explore! It is our job as adults to foster and nurture this creativity throughout all of childhood and young adulthood, not dull and stifle it with rigid systems of testing, memorization, and regurgitation. 

I'd Love to Hear From You. Here's How You Can Reach Me

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