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I've decided to take my kids out of school. Now what?

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

What to do when you've decided that the traditional school system is no longer working for your family. Create a rich, customized educational plan for your kids outside of the traditional school system. You won't ever look back.

Stop sending your bright and curious learner to institutional school. Let them access the world right now through widely available, alternative educational options.

What most people think is homeschooling

“The dinner table scene is far from the reality for most homeschooling learners.”

When most parents think about homeschooling, they think of the dinner table. Kids huddled around textbooks and worksheets, mom the teacher at the ready checking work. Most people who pursue alternative school will agree that this is the biggest misconception there is about this growing mode of schooling. The "dinner table" scene is far from the reality for most homeschooling children.

In fact, the very word is a misnomer. The widely used term "homeschooling," simply refers to a schooling method where the parent or guardian, not a group of administrators, textbook publishers or politicians, provides the learning resources. It is a lifestyle choice where the family is the decider on where, when, what and how learning takes place. That's it.

It does not mean learning exclusively at home, following mom-created lesson plans and taking tests at home. While it can certainly be that to some, many homeschoolers who choose this liberating option find their rich experiences away from the dinner table. They spend their time learning in supportive communities through cooperative learning programs, field trips, world travel, resource centers, libraries, cultural institutions, apprenticeships, community colleges, online offerings, the list goes on.

Where do I even start?

This all sounds tremendous, you say. I want this for my child, you demand. But oh my god, where do I begin? How do I know that I'm not failing my child? I'm not a teacher. I sucked at school. I grew up hating math, how am I supposed to teach it? My partner and I have demanding full-time jobs; is this even possible for us?

My answer to you is an emphatic — YES! With some research, support and commitment, you too can discover the beautiful world of non-institutionalized learning. There are resources and communities both local and remote of like-minded families for every flavor of homeschooling there is. There are support groups for how to do the paperwork, experts who offer one-on-one counseling, social media groups for parents and young learners alike. Even advocacy groups like HSLDA that offer legal advice for individuals and organizing groups.

Your next steps

The possibilities of choosing an education that is deserving of your child are vaster and more exciting than ever. Welcome!”

After an initial exploration period, you will be able to create with your children an education environment they are sure to thrive in. They will learn the curriculum that matters to you, is engaging for them, and is aligned with your values.

The possibilities of choosing an education that is deserving of your child are vaster and more exciting than ever. Welcome!

Read on for your options in homeschooling and alternative schooling.


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